Thursday, May 17, 2012

T G I F (for me)!

Tomorrow is a vacation day.  Once again I have a full weekend planned and need to get some extra time in the garden.  I love taking Fridays off and often do in April, May and June just to catch up on the home front.  For some reason I am so much more productive on days like this-or at least I feel more productive and that's good enough for me.

Workouts made a comeback this week-at least as far as lifting goes.  Still no yoga or cardio but I'm OK with that for the time being.  As long as I eat relatively clean and lift heavy and often I should be be able to stay in a healthy lean holding pattern through the summer.

After a few local nursery runs at lunchtime this week, the plant inventory is piling up.  Saturday is the the big trip to my favorite tender plant nursery in Rhode Island so I need to make some room.  Often I get asked why I travel out of state to buy plants when there are so many great local nurseries.  Although I do frequent the local joints on a regular basis I find them lacking when it comes to the unusual annuals and tropicals that have pretty much become the backbone of my garden.

Aside from a little puttering no garden work was on the agenda tonight.  A little wine, a nice is pretty damn good!  I'll hit the ground running in the AM.

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