Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Main Man!

Were you actually expecting to see a human face here?  Happy Birthday to my Nickster, mommie's bestest boy!  Twelve years old today.  How time flys.


  1. Silvia Soos-KazelMay 24, 2012 at 6:36 PM

    Today is a great day for me since I found out about you blog via Following Atticus. I now have another worthwhile Internet connection with a fellow Schnauzie lover and garden/flower enthusiast. I'm so glad that thru you, William found a forever, loving home. I myself had emailed NJSR regarding William, but I asked if my home with 2 MInis(1 an 11mo old pup) & our rescue Beagle Boy may have been too busy for William. So initially I was saddened not to have an opportunity to help Will; I am now so grateful the rescue chose Tom & Atticus as a better fit for this adoption. Also, it is so nice to be able to follow Will now w/Tom & Atti.
    You are so fortunate to have a senior Schnauzer like your Nickster. Our first Mini, Maximilian(Maxi Boy) was truly like our human son & we lost him last year to cancer. Maxi has just turned 7, such a young age to go to the Rainbow Bridge, but not even Cornell could prolong our darling boy's life. So cherish your beautiful boy for as many years as possible. We are now hoping that our remaining kids are given longer lives for us to enjoy and love them. Thank you for permitting me to share my words. Looking forward to following your wonderful blog.

  2. Hi Silvia-Thanks for reading the blog. I hope I can keep it fresh and entertaining. Nick is my third schnauzer. Like you, I lost my first (Zak) at age eight-one month after he was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. It was devastating. So far Nick is very healthy and for that I'm thankful.