Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fountain Fabulous Fountain

Even if I accomplished just this one thing today I'd be one happy woman (actually I accomplished alot more than just this one thing today so I'm one ecstatic woman).  Last year I never opened the fountain on my patio.  No good reason except rodents had chewed on the cord to the pump and I assumed it didn't work.  Replacing the pump requires the fountain to be taken completely apart and is a royal PIA job.  Well I was wrong about the pump.  Thankfully I was wrong!  A bit of electrical tape and the music of the water returned.  Oh happy happy day!  Let the patio entertaining season begin!


  1. Don't you love the sound of a fountain? Looks great and glad you had no permanent damage to the cord. Your patio looks so inviting.

    1. Thank you Layanee! The patio is my favorite part of the garden.