Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Reflections

Even though there were no destination nursery trips or mouth watering restaurant stops on the agenda this weekend, the good times continued to roll.

It was a weekend for birthdays.

Saturday gifted us with some much needed rain.

Fortunately the skies cleared in time for a celebration.

Prime rib was grilled to perfection by a grill master.

Congratulations to two fine young Providence College graduates!  Trust me, the best is yet to come. 

Today it was back to the garden.  Most of my containers are now planted-a huge accomplishment for me this early in the season.  I had hoped to get back to the mulch pile because if it's not mulched, it's not finished but that didn't happen.  So I guess I'm not finished.  But I'm never finished.

The patio is starting to get cleaned up and come together.  I'll still continue to plant shop-an ongoing activity for me-annuals to tuck into the borders and hopefully a few small shrubs and perennials with good foliage interest if I can find them.

Tonight it's time to kick back, reflect on and toast another fabulous weekend!


  1. Ooo la la, that prime rib looked divine! The patio and gardens are looking very polished and ready for the season.

  2. Serious prime rib! The garden as always - stunning.