Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear Zak...

Twenty years ago today I brought you home.

You posessed a magical combination of personality and character. Although your loss was devastating, in your eight short years of life you gifted with me indescribable joy.  So much time has passed.  Long ago the tears turned to smiles.  I still think about you often-especially today.

Maran's Major Zak
April 11, 1992-April 19, 2000


  1. Oh Sue, hard to believe it has been twenty years! So much love packed into eight short years. Enjoy the memories today!

    1. Yes, with Nick twelve years old and struggling a bit physically right now I guess I'm starting to think back to younger days.

  2. OK, tearing up....just a few minutes ago I was tearing up talking to Weezie (she's my screen saver) almost a year gone, come August, and she was with me for 17. Now you go and get all sentimental and get me going...

    1. Sorry Denise-you know what it's like. Nick is getting old now too. How did this happen?

  3. It's been said before but will be said every time we deal with one of our furry family members crossing the bridge... It just isn't fair that their lives are so short... Much loved and much missed....

  4. Maybe it's because we see them getting older, but we don't see ourselves getting older....until we look in the mirror and are surprised that really, we are, too. It's just 'cuz we love them so much. When they are a really good pet, it makes it harder, and Nick is an awesome boy.

  5. Such a good fur-mom you are Sue !

  6. Honey sent me this when Charlotte died. It still rings true...for me and for my friends.

    We Have A Secret

    We have a secret, you and I

    that no one else shall know,

    for who but I can see you lie

    each night in fire glow?

    And who but I can reach my hand

    before we go to bed

    and feel the living warmth of you

    and touch your silken head?

    And only I walk woodland paths

    and see ahead of me,

    your small form racing with the wind

    so young again, and free.

    And only I can see you swim

    in every brook I pass

    and when I call, no one but I

    can see the bending grass.

    Author Unknown

  7. A very touching post! Pets give us so much. And it is so sad to lose our beloved companions. My inside cat is 15 now and beginning to have some health problems.