Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tis the Season for Clems

Cardinal Wyszinski maybe

Madame Julia Correvon

Etoile violette

Betty Corning


The monster Huldine

My favorite little Arabella

The power couple-Huldine and Polish Spirit

Perle d'Azur

For a laissez faire gardener like me, Clematis season can be hit or miss.  Some years I don't get around to starting them on the supports in time.  Some years I get them started but don't keep supporting them as they climb.  Some years I'm late cutting them back.  Most years I forget to feed them.  What can I say?  Good help is hard to find.


  1. Oh man Sue, these all look great!

  2. This is a fabulous year here for clematis and I see it is for you too! Your technique is similar to mine. :) I don't see any combinations with roses, but then maybe you don't do roses at all?

    1. I only have a few roses-mostly Knockouts and I cut them back hard every spring. One does have a Clem growing through it but that one flowered weeks ago and is done. I haven't done a very good job growing them into big shrubs. Those are the ones I forget and they end up sprawled all over the ground in too much shade.

  3. Wow, what a collection and all of them big lush ones! Why does Jackmanii always look purple in photos? I started two Jackmanii Superba this year, one at my house and one at my sister's and they are both blooming magenta red. Nice, lovely climbers, with big rich colored flowers, but not purple.

  4. Laurrie, I originally took these photos with my phone but after uploading them and actually looking at the pictures compared to the plants, I retook them with my camera. Now the colors are much more true. My Jackmanii is purple. I just went out and looked and it's actually more purple than the picture. Could your plants have been mismarked? I wonder.

  5. Sue! Your clematis love and talent show up big and beautifully. Clearly, these abundant bloomers love whatever you do or don't do. I'm inspired.