Sunday, September 16, 2012

September Bloom Day-Better Late Than Never

So I missed Bloom Day this month.  What can I say?  When I started the whole blogging thing I knew it would be a struggle to balance the time committment with all my other activities and responsibilities and I was right.  I considered blowing Bloom Day off this month but I did get out a couple of nights this week before the sun set (at 7 PM boo!  hiss!) and got some decent pictures.  I plan for a late season garden and September is peak time.  Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this monthly event.

My side entry door bordered by lush container plantings

Side walkway.  I have to keep cutting plants back to make it passable.

Mystic Illusion dahlias with some Tithonia and reseded Amaranthus

Variegated Physostegia

An absolutely fabulous pass along white Brugmansia of unknown heritage

A few Rudbekias are still kicking around here and there

The monster Lespedeza playing joyfully with friends

Cleome Senorita Rosalita fronts down Colocasia Diamond Head

Crepe Myrtle Cherry Dazzle after getting rained on last week

Lots going on here-Miscanthus Sarabande, Abelia grandiflora, Hibiscus purpureus Variegatus and white Sunpatiens

If you aren't growing Phlox 'Norah Leigh' you should be

Daphne Summer Ice in bloom since at least May

Walkway through the screen porch/small fountain garden

Cuphea ignea in a patio container

Variegated Cuphea ignea

Tithonia, a seedling Caryopteris Sunshine Blue, Hypericum moserianum Tricolor, Jasmine officinalus Aureum (completely hardy in the ground for me)

Patio fountain wide view

Hydrangea Quick Fire and Lysimachia clethroides Variegata

Part of the Agave collection on the patio

I may have let the reseeders run a little wild here

Caryopteris Summer Sorbet with Pennisetum Vertigo

Fuchsia Gartenmeister with one of my favorite tender foliage plants Plectranthus Troy's Gold

Echinacea White Swan remains the best white Echinacea IMO

A wider view of E. White Swan with some Salvia Black and Blue and a container being swamped by Euphorbia Diamond Frost

Getting down the path to that gate is not easy at this time of year

I love this simple container of Alocasia amazonica, Dichondra and a pink rex Begonia

Hydrangea Limelight fading

Euphorbia Little Joe also fading

Sedum Xenox and pink Profusion Zinnias

All foliage-sorry I couldn't help myself :).

Unfortunately I had to toss this together rather quickly.  Even when I'm on the run though, the garden continues to make me smile.  With luck I'll be able to get it together this week and find some time get around to some of my favorite blogs.  After all, this is the time to sit back, enjoy and reflect on another garden season.


  1. I've never seen Hibiscus purpureus Variegatus around here. I hope to one day soon!!!

    It all looks beautifully groomed, especially considering you've been a busy lady these days. No wonder it brings you joy!

  2. Oh my, what can I say ? It looks fabulous Sue! So glad you decided to post !

  3. It all looks so fabulous Sue! What is the variegated shrub next to E. Little JOe? Also, what is the agastache behind the Agave collection? That's a beauty

    1. The shrub is variegated Eleutherococcus, a good shrub for tough conditions. I don't have an ID on the Agastache as I bought it as an annual last year and didn't expect it to come back.

  4. Beautiful! You inspire me to work harder on a September garden!

    1. Thanks Gayle! I started focusing on later season plants because the foliage looks good all season. After that came the tropicals, unusual annuals...there's always something new out there :).

  5.'ve got some flowers! What really caught my eye though was a couple of beautiful unknown (to me) the pictures labeled "Mystic Illusion dahlias with some Tithonia and reseded Amaranthus" and "Patio fountain wide view" there is long leafed plant with both green and dark maroon coloring looking to be on a shrub-size plant...what is it!? I LOVE it!

    And the other purple leaf in this picture "Sedum Xenox and pink Profusion Zinnias" looks a little like Castor Bean but has such a filigreed edge. Also are your HUGE Colocasia! Such an exuberant garden!

    1. Hi Loree-the plant with the dahlias is Prunus persica 'Bonfire', an ornamental patio peach-one of my favorite shrubs. What a great plant! It blooms like a cherry in the spring and the foliage comes out almost black and holds the dark color most of the season. It does produce miniature peaches which are not edible but they tend attract squirrels. For some reason I have a bumper crop of the peaches this year. The dogs has been eating them and getting the trots :).

      The other plant is a dark leafed Hibiscus acetosella, an annual for me but easy to propogate from stem cuttings. I often plant them right in the ground.

  6. Your garden makes me smile too. The color! Such bright, saturated, intense late summer color and I love how it is all packed together. A lot of variegated foliage --- a variegated physostegia?? And hibiscus, and phlox? Not to mention the plectranthus and the delicately edged daphne, of course . . . What variety and interest you have. I could get lost out there just walking the path.

    1. Well Laurrie, one of these days we should get together and walk each other's garden paths.

  7. Glad you threw together this post Sue. It all look so fabulous. What with the hail, drought and extreme heat this year I need to enjoy other's gardens as mine is a wreck.