Friday, August 3, 2012

Won't You Let Me Take You On A Seattle Cruise?

Will a ferry to Seattle do?

While in Washington, we stayed in Silverdale on the Kitsap Penisula.  From Silverdale, the quickest way to get to Seattle is to take one of the Washington State Ferrys from Bremerton.  On the water is my favorite place to be so I was looking forward to the ferry ride as much as I was looking forward to the gardens we were scheduled to tour that day.

Waiting in line in Bremerton for the ferry to Seattle

The M/V Walla Walla

Although we were warned that the ferry might be crowded, it didn't come as a huge surprise that on this chilly overcast Saturday morning we virtually had the 7:20 AM ferry to ourselves.  Or at least it felt that way.  The M/V Walla Walla is a ship of Titanic proportions.  Check out her stats here.  Two thousand passengers and 188 cars?  In comparison, even the largest ferry to Martha's Vineyard only carries 1200 passengers and 76 cars.

Waterfont park at the Bremerton ferry landing.  Too bad we didn't get a chance to see it up close and personal.

The cone shaped structures on the right were some kind of fountain like water feature timed to go off in succession.

Land ho!

Fellow travellers and bloggers Denise and Kathy braving the windy cold to get the best shots of the Seattle skyline.  Never fear-the tourist set was well represented by our group.

A cruise ship docked in Seattle.

For the return trip that afternoon we were gifted blue skies and warmer weather.

While in Seattle, we visited the Dunn Gardens, had a fantastic lunch in the cafe at Swanson's Nursery (why don't we have nurseries like this in CT?) and spent the afternoon strolling through the Bellevue Botanical Garden.  As usual we spent alot more time at all places than anticipated and didn't get to check out any of the Seattle landmarks like Pike Place Market or the Space Needle.  All the more reason for a return trip!


  1. Wow Sue, your inbound photos are way better than mine-I'm particularly impressed that you had the presence of mind to shoot that waterfront park..I was too busy gawking at the waterfront homes !

    1. Denise was photographing the park and I got there just as the boat was pulling away so I had to snap quick. I'll bet she's got some good shots.

  2. Wow! looks like a fabulous ride Sue. Thanks for taking me along.

  3. It makes me so happy to see people enjoying one of my home towns, isn't Seattle just wonderful?!

    1. Next time I come I plan to build more "non garden" sightseeing time into the trip. I would have loved to do a little exploring of the waterfont area.

  4. Great capture, Sue -- what a lovely city skyline view -- so much to see! Cindy H.

  5. I never tire of the Seattle skyline or just being on Puget Sound. Great shots.