Friday, August 31, 2012

T G I F and Farewell to Summer 2012!

Today marks the end of meteorological summer.  Coincidentally tonight is also the start of Labor Day weekend which many people associate with the end of summer.  If you happen to be a seasonal purist, summer doesn't end for another three weeks but no matter how you slice it, the hazy days and sultry nights most of us associate with summer in New England are in the rear view.

Call it summer, call it fall, it doesn't much matter to me.  Some of the best weather we get in New England is in September.  Already I've been enjoying the cooler sleeping nights and crisp mornings that turn into deliciously warm afternoons.  And despite a drought and the ninth hottest July on record in CT, my garden appears to be relatively lush. 

But where did summer go?  More so than usual it seems like everyone I know is asking the same question this year.  Even I have to admit I feel slightly cheated.  So tonight please join me as I attempt to relive the glory days by retracing my steps down that lazy, hazy memory lane called Summer 2012. 

Nursery Crawling

Nursery Sales


Birthday celebrations

And milestone birthday celebrations


Garden parties

Lots of this

And this

AND this

And not enough of this

Never enough of this

Nursery crawling in Oregon

Garden touring in Oregon
Touring fellow bloggers gardens in Oregon

Nursery Crawling in Washington
Garden Touring in Washington
My first trip to Seattle

Toasting a fabulous PNW IU9
Dondero Farm dinners

Farmer's markets

Vacationing at home

And at the beach

Moon rising over Stonington and Fisher's Island Sound

It doesn't get much better than this!

No wonder summer is fleeting-time flies when you're having fun!.  As soon as I hit the "publish" button on this post, I just know I'm going to wish I'd included more pictures.  But hey, with any luck there's always tomorrow so make every day count! 


  1. Fabulous post Sue! Love all the memories of this great summer. As you said it went by too fast but what a great time we had....

  2. You said & showed it perfectly Sue.
    Here I'd have to add the magical August baby grandson added to the family.
    There's a gorgeous moon out tonight too!
    October is often a beautiful month too.

    1. Congrats again on the new grandson, Marie! Yes, October often graces us with good weather. My enthusiasm starts to wane with the shortening days though. I'm not a fan of 4:30 sunsets.

  3. Nicely done Sue..I enjoyed both traveling with you ,and observing your travels from afar..onward to summer 2013 and IU10 !

    1. IU10? How can that be?
      Man, I have to attend that one. Make sure it isn't off the North American continent or I can't afford to come!

    2. Marie, rumor has it that IU10 may be on Long Island, NY sometime in June next year.

  4. Not a bad summer, Sue! It did go by much too fast. Wish we were all back in Kathy's car headed for gardens unknown. Gotta start working on an IU10 piggy bank.

    1. Yes you do! Come to an east coast IU-we'll show you a good time!

  5. The summer did go fast for sure. It looks like you had a great one.

  6. Looks like you optimized your summer days. The garden looks so inviting.