Monday, June 5, 2017

A Garden Conservancy Open Days Gem

On Saturday I took a break from working in my own garden to visit three local gardens participating in the Garden Conservancy Open Days program. Out of the three, Small Pleasures, the garden of A. Walter Kendra, an absolutely charming small garden, was my clear favorite.

Located in the historic district of Collinsville, CT, a village in the town of Canton, the garden sits on a shady corner lot the size of a postage stamp. But don't be fooled. What the garden lacks in size it makes up for in beautiful use of hardscape, well chosen plantings, artistic details and efficient use of space. I was so happy to have discovered this garden right in my town!

The rear patio and garden of A. Walter Kendra

The home and surrounding garden was meticulously manicured and maintained.

This lovely potting area was located in a narrow space along the side of the house.

I was absolutely in love with this screen house/summer kitchen located in the garden

Inside the summer kitchen in the garden of A. Walter Kendra

Just one of the intimate seating areas in the garden

Attention to detail was evident throughout without being overdone.

A small water feature was located on a patio just outside the summer kitchen

More little details

I was surprised to see this happy Calycanthus in such a small space. 

The entrance to Walter's studio, also located on the property. The Calycanthus pictured above is located to the right of the door.

So much interest packed into a small space

It may come as no surprise that Walter in an artist. You can see it in the details of his lovely garden.

Notice the stonework in this garden-the bluestone patios, walkways, stairs and walls. Walter's garden is one that likely looks great every month of the year. And now that I know it's here, be rest assured I will be taking an occasional stroll around town to get a peek.



  1. The garden fits the style of the house well. I couldn't get over how pristine everything was. My old garden was also the size of a postage stamp and I'm afraid it never looked that good!

    1. I'm sure it was spiffed up for the Open Days tour but I suspect the garden never looks like it needs much maintenance.

  2. A beautiful and peaceful garden, so well manicured; something I could only dream of in my unruly jungle.

    1. Ha ha...I'm willing to bet Walter is a bit OCD. While we were there it started sprinkling and he rushed to put the chair cushions away.

  3. Really beautiful. I love seeing what people can do with small spaces, since mine is also the size of post-it. My only issue with gardens like this is that they are so controlled (no hair out of place, so to speak). What does he do when he finds a plant he just can't live without but doesn't really belong? I'd plant it anyway, thus ruining the entire effect.